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CTIAR platform is a gleaming example of Knowledge Enterprises in the 21st century that marches a unique blend of result-driven and experienced professionals with a passion for rare excellence. We considered our brand as foremost that bridge the gap between Academics and Information Technology Industry. Therefore, enabled our client with the ability to mastering and associating each element of a given domain with a definite possibility of a recognized universal solution to global needs, by thinking out of the box and occupying every open space and not just satisfying the chase of certifications.

Besides, we give a diverse mix of scientific expertise, creative savvy, and business intelligence, which drives us as a fast-growing organization. We are confident that our business partnership with you will result in significant benefits to the organization, and improve your strategic business solutions.

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Point Of Sale (POS)

If you’re a retailer aiming to implement a digitalized transaction system for your customers’ purchases, we offer a highly efficient solution. Our system streamlines the payment process for your goods, managing every aspect including sales, returns, discounts, and order cancellations with meticulous attention to detail.

School Management System

In nearly every educational institution, processes have transitioned to digitalization. From attendance tracking to fee submission, various computerized systems are employed. We’ve designed a comprehensive school management system that encompasses all aspects of student records, quiz/assignment tracking, management of school branches, online fee generation, and numerous other functionalities.

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High Quality Hardware

We use top-notch hardware to ensure high standard services.


Dedicated 24 / 7 Support

We deliver 24/7 tech support to our customers, so that they do not face any issue.


Agile & Working Style

We follow agile methodology to work fast and effeciently.


Latest Technology

We use latest software standards, tools, platforms, frameworks and technologies.


High Level of Usability

We always develop user friendly apps allowing users to easily operate the app.


Collaborative Consultancy

We are dedicated to provide you full friendly environment to help you achieve what you needed.


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