Desktop Applications

In today’s age, software plays a role in virtually every aspect of life. To create software that precisely meets the needs of customers, it’s crucial to adhere to a software development process. At Canatech, our team prioritizes delivering high-end solutions and carefully selects the best approach to ensure accuracy. We guarantee tailor-made software solutions based on identified requirements. Our software development team employs innovative methods to effectively manage and produce top-notch products. With quality as our foremost priority, we meticulously plan, design, program, and test to deliver outstanding products within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Point Of Sale (POS)

If you’re a retailer aiming to implement a digitalized transaction system for your customers’ purchases, we offer a highly efficient solution. Our system streamlines the payment process for your goods, managing every aspect including sales, returns, discounts, and order cancellations with meticulous attention to detail.

School Management System

In nearly every educational institution, processes have transitioned to digitalization. From attendance tracking to fee submission, various computerized systems are employed. We’ve designed a comprehensive school management system that encompasses all aspects of student records, quiz/assignment tracking, management of school branches, online fee generation, and numerous other functionalities.

Installment Management System

Installment Management System

The installment program is an integrated software solution designed to manage installment operations, repayment schedules, and the issuance of promissory notes.”

Inventory Management System

If you operate a large business, you might require an Inventory Management System to effectively oversee your stock of items. Canatech offers a robust solution tailored to your inventory needs, addressing aspects such as current stock levels, impending shortages, and identification of damaged items.

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