Throughout the years CTIAR has been able to create stunning, award-winning designs in multiple verticals while allowing our clients to obtain an overall better web presence.


CTIAR platform is a gleaming example of Knowledge Enterprises in the 21st century that marches a unique blend of result-driven and experienced professionals with a passion for rare excellence. We considered our brand as foremost that bridge the gap between Interdisciplinary industry and academia. Therefore, enabled our client with the ability to mastering and associating each element of a given domain with a definite possibility of a recognized universal solution to global needs, by thinking out of the box and occupying every open space and not just satisfying the chase of certifications.


Become a trusted, academic research, training and consulting institution in a different part of the world that promotes quality, professionalism, and innovation that is always ready to become a partner for various stakeholders, and individuals. Our driven vision in a clear statement is “Building between Interdisciplinary Research and Global Best Practices Needs and Services. Management Information Systems in evolving innovations and its applications in the changing world of Digital of industry 4.0 is in top gear.


Our objectives, including the following:

  •  To facilitate the needs of stakeholders (companies), participants in developing skills
  •  Acknowledging and Responding to stakeholders and participants’ needs comprehensively with an industry applicable approach.
  • Adapting and focusing on the current level of solutions that are specific and relevant to the latest developments.


  • Our mission is organizing academic research, conference, training, educating and development of soft skills. Human resources are vital to becoming a professional and reliable person in their fields via physical and virtual campuses.
  • Organizing consultations and development respond to stakeholders. The organization needs and provide comprehensive solutions relevant to the current of events in the areas of specific specialization one-on-one and available E-Platforms.
  • Facilitating, harmonizing and developing networks to various parties to improve the quality and coverage of services offered.


CTIAR Academic Research, Training, Consulting has long experience in implementing academic research, conference, training, both through the conference podium and our journals of double-blind refereed publications for the past eight years. Many companies in the future will be joining the practice, both individuals, teams training, and consultation.


Are you characterize under the following as human resource training, workplace learning, or professional development. If you have many experiences in your areas of specialization and you have a proven hand-on-experience, then embrace a step further by taking our top-level industry-recognized certification to show official document attesting to a level of your achievement.

Our Internationally recognized professional, graduate board certification program, will not only help you to concede your accomplishment but also improve your visibility and resume in the industries that best tailored to your needs to raise the prospects that you deserved. It is, therefore, your possibility to become an internationally accredited and certified professional in your area of specialization. Canadian Tech-Institute For Academic Research is fully in partnership with the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM).

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