Welcome to CTIAR’ 20


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of CTIAR, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2nd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies organized by ‘Canadian Tech-Institute For Academic Research’. International Scientific Conference on Management Information Systems (ISCMIS ’20) to be held on the 17 – 18 September 2020 at Near East University. This year’s theme “MIS (“Evolving Innovations and application of MIS in the changing world of Digital, industry 4.0.”) highlights the presentation of new (popular things), advances and research in all areas of Management Information System.

The Conference’s purpose is to foster opportunities for academics from a range of disciplines and countries to share their research both through the conference podium and our journals of double-blind refereed publications. They will also discuss contemporary Inter-disciplinary developments, problems, and challenges in their respective professional fields.

The other aim of the Conference Series is to implement opportunities for academics to receive informal in-depth feedback through discussions and to enable them to build contact with professionals in other countries



Canadian Tech-Institute For Academic Research mission is as follows:


  • To publish high-quality books, monographs, and proceedings in the fields of Multidisciplinary Studies.
  • To disseminate the findings of researchers and encourage them to publish their works in our scientific journals.
  • To plan, and conduct scientific conferences and rigorous multidisciplinary research in particular areas of specialization around the globe.
  • To encourage Journals/Publishers likewise to benefit from the wider dissemination, greater visibility and higher journal citation impact factor.
  • To offer quality programs, to encourage and promote social and educational development, international cooperation, including educational programs for students and international education projects, as well as scientific publication and organization of international conferences.

Our team of specialist, partners and authors are inclined to commit their full potential to help deliver excellence. To achieve these goals stated above, we support an atmosphere in which everyone, authors, collaborators, and representatives are encouraged to do their best, based on their prospects, life experiences, and skills.

To improve the underlying values of equal stability, the same possibilities, equal access, and formation in all our actions and scientific initiatives. To Foster all authors to submit original and quality papers related to their area of specialization in the Journal available under CTIAR. And Individual Journals to review all articles from experts in their fields and publish only the best scientific works.


Thank you for participating.