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Canadian Tech-Institute For Academic Research – CTIAR, Canada
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Sponsorship Opportunities

International Scientific Conference on Management Information Systems (ISCMIS ’20) to be held on the 17 – 18 September 2020 at Near East University. This year’s theme “MIS (“Evolving Innovations and application of MIS in the changing world of Digital, industry 4.0.”) highlights the presentation of new (popular things), advances and research in all areas of Management Information System. Consider supporting this important event through sponsorship – as you can see from the listing below, we have something for everyone interested in telling their stories to writers, publishing their scientific research and furthering the professional freelance writing sector in Cyprus.

The Conference will bring together professional writers, scholars, students (BSc, MSc u0026amp; PhD) papers and research from across the country for two full days of Professional Development, a day of business, and networking/social events, including the CTIAR Awards Gala Banquet.